Ackee &saltfish with breadfruit and plantain

very good


  1. 2 can ackee
  2. 1 large breadfruit roasted
  3. 1 large plantain
  4. slice different sweet pepper
  5. 1 medium onion chopped
  6. 1/2 saltfish
  7. 1 slice tomato
  8. 1 slice scaleon


  1. First you should roast the breadfruit in the oven and let it turn black then take it out and make it cool off when it done cooling cut it up small pieces
  2. Then you should deep fry the breadfruit and make it golden brown on each side
  3. Then you chop your plantain and you also deep fry it and let it turn golden brown
  4. Chop up the sweet peppers onion tomato and scalon
  5. Then you start to fry the seasonings and cover it on a medium rare heat
  6. When your finish with that boil the saltfish in some hot boiling water and wait for 20mins then strain the hot water and put the saltfish in cold water after that scale the salt fish take off all the scales on it and piece it in tiny bits
  7. Then after you shall take out the tin a can of ackee and open it then you shall strain off the water from the ackee and wash it off with warm water
  8. But always check your stove every 3 mins
  9. When all done with that you put the ackee and saltfish and mix it around and cover the pot and make it stay on medium rare for 9min
  10. And you put it all in one plant together and your done

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