Apart Banana bread with dried strawberry using a bread machine


  1. 250 g bread flour
  2. 30 g butter
  3. 20 g sugar
  4. 3 g salt
  5. 2 bananas and fresh milk(total 210g)
  6. 3 g instant yeast
  7. 70 g dried Strawberrys


  1. In your bread machine add all ingredients except dried Strawberrys
  2. Set and start the machine to the dough cycle You may need to add dried Strawberry (or any dried fruits) before first rise
  3. Change After the first rise remove from bread panThen decide 16 pieces and form each piece into round roll (for 18cm x 18cm square bread pan)
  4. Change Second rise 40°C for 40mins(Cover in a baking cloth or in the oven for rising course)
  5. Bake at 180°C for 15 minutes Enjoy!

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