Beef Mole Enchiladas

When I was a kid one of my favorite things to eat was cheese enchiladas suiza. Suiza is enchiladas with a tomato based sauce. As I got older and my pallet became more refined my favor turned to beef and the delicious mole sauce. If you ve never tried it you don t know what you ve been missing. Pronounced Mole-ay, it s a chocolate based sauce, but don t let that perturb you. It doesn t taste anything like the chocolate you re thinking of. It s a fantastic, savory, spicy brown sauce that pairs so well with beef. Here s my quick and easy recipe for Beef Mole Enchiladas.

  1. 2 lbs ground beef
  2. 1 jar mole sauce mix
  3. 1 small wheel chihuahua cheese
  4. 3-4 mini sweet peppers
  5. 1/4 a white onion
  6. 3 stalks green onion
  7. 1/4 cup fresh chopped cilantro
  8. Garlic salt
  9. Cumin powder
  10. Garlic powder
  11. 6-8 flour tortillas
  1. Slightly Brown ground beef with a generous amount of garlic salt Remove to a separate bowl Drain most of the fat from pan leaving a couple tbsp worth
    Add the peppers onion and green onion all diced as fine as you can to the fat in the pan Add the cumin powder and garlic powder
    Sautée till white onions begin to turn translucent
    Replace the ground beef and blend well on low heat for about 5 minutes Remove from heat and add the cilantro and cover
  2. Now were going to make the mole sauce Just follow the directions I got a jar of mole that came like a super thick black peanut butter with oil on top Add about 3- 4 tbsps to a sauce pan Add 4x that amount of water
    On low heat blend well On heat the clumps of mole will break down and blend with the water Youll probably have to work it a little Once blended well keep on the lowest heat setting you have just to keep it warm
    (Ps Its better to make too much mole than too little I didnt make enough for this batch and wish I had more at the end Trust me Mole is Mexican culinary black gold Youll want this dish drowning in it)
  3. Spoon some mole on the bottom of a baking dish Just enough to cover the bottom completely
    Now we build the enchiladas Technically youre supposed to use corn tortillas fry them then cover both sides with mole sauce But I like flour for this and the other steps are more mess and work than the benefits so Im cheating a little here
  4. Hold the tortilla like youre about to make a taco Spoon some sauce and completely cover one side of the tortilla Now spoon some meat mixture right down the middle Roll it as tight as you can and place it in the baking pan right up against one side folded side down Spoon some sauce over the top of the paned enchilada completely covering it Repeat until the pan is full
    Depending on the size of the baking pan your using you should get 6-8 enchiladas in there
  5. Now if the pan is full but you still have a little meat mixture feel free to just sprinkle it over the top of the enchiladas Same with the mole sauce Now cover the entire top with the grated chihuahua cheese and bake uncovered on 350 for about 15- 20 minutes or until cheese is melted and bubbly Garnish with whatever you wish or nothing theyre good on there own I used a bit of salsa and sour cream and loved every bite Hope you do too

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