Beef Stroganoff

I can remember watching my mom make this and everyone loves it so though I d share.. It s one of my oldest favorites!

  1. 1 package egg noodles (or noodles you prefer)
  2. 1 family pack beef tips
  3. 1 can (32 ounce) beef broth (or two regular cans)
  4. 16 ounce sour cream
  5. 1/2 cup water
  6. 1 can (30 ounce) cream of mushroom (or two regular sizes)
  7. 1 pack fresh sliced mushrooms
  8. Worcestershire Sauce
  1. Change Add beef tips mushrooms cream of mushroom beef broth and about a half of cup of water making sure beef tips are all covered with liquid Turn heat on medium high heat (fresh mushrooms optional but do cook way down!)
  2. Change Season now with salt pepper garlic and few dashes of Worcestershire sauce while waiting for it to come to a boil stirring occasionally so nothing gets stuck to the bottom
  3. Change Once broth comes to a boil stir cover with lid and reduce heat to a low simmer
  4. Change Stirring occasionally and covering back with lid for next 45-50 minutes until meat appears tender (some of meat will start separating on own) this is when you add sour cream I also add more seasonings now and stir to combine
  5. Change In separate pot boil and cook noodles to directions on box or bag whatever they came in
  6. Change Once noodles are done drain liquid and put back in pot
  7. Change Your stroganoff will now be done taste and add more seasons if you like I make bowls of stroganoff now for my kids My daughter likes all her pasta dishes lightly sauced So I dont mix yet
  8. Change Once I make all bowls I combine the rest

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