Bread Dahi bada

Less time consuming and easily prepared bread dahi bada. #Summer


  1. For bada:
  2. 10-12 bread slices
  3. 1 cup urad daal
  4. 1 tbsp jeera
  5. 1 pinch Hing
  6. Salt as per your taste
  7. 4-5 tbsp water
  8. Oil for frying
  9. For garnishing:
  10. 1 tspn roasted jeera
  11. 1/2 tspn red chilli powder
  12. 1 tspn salt
  13. 4-5 tbsp imali chatni
  14. 4-5 cup sugar added curd


  1. Soak the urad daal in water for 3-4 hours
  2. Add the soaked daal in a blender and add jeera salt and hing and make a thin paste
  3. Remove the edges of all bread and cut into two slices like sandwich
  4. Take a pan and put on the flame Add some oil for frying and let it to heat
  5. Pour the urad daal mixture in a bowl and dip the folded slices in it
  6. Now take the dipped slices and frying them in the pen on medium flame one by one
  7. Soak the fried bread wadas in water for two minutes
  8. Take out the wadas from water and put in curd
  9. Now serve with garnishing of imali chatni and the mixture of red chilli powder salt and roasted jeera

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