Bread masala

Bread is so soft. It s tasty by adding masala.


  1. 10 Bread slices
  2. 2 Onion big
  3. 2 Tomato
  4. 2 Green chilly
  5. leaves Coriander
  6. 1/4 spoon Turmeric powder
  7. 5-6 Garlic
  8. leaves Curry
  9. 1/2 spoon Salt
  10. 1/4 spoon For temper Jeera
  11. 1/4 spoon Mustard seeds
  12. 1/4 spoon Ajwain
  13. 1/4 spoon urdu
  14. leaves Curry
  15. Ghee to fry bread cubes 5 spoon
  16. 1/4 cup Oil to fry ingredients


  1. Change Cut onion Tomatoes Coriander leaves into small pieces
  2. Take ginger Garlic Green chilly Little coriander leaves and curry leaves make a smooth paste
  3. Change Take bread slices and cut into small pieces
  4. Change Take a pan put ghee and heat it
  5. Change Put the bread pieces Fry till golden brown keep aside
  6. Change Take the tempering items do temper and add onion to saute Saut till golden brown
  7. Change Now add tomatoes Coriander leaves and ginger garlic mixed masala paste and salt
  8. Change Fry nicely till tender
  9. Change Now add turmeric powder and mix well
  10. Now add roasted bread cubes
  11. Change Mix slowly in low flame and carefully Till the bread pieces are coating nicely with the ingredients If u need u can add 1/2 lemon juice
  12. Tip while mixing bread pieces be careful it should not break into small pieces like powder

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