Bread pudding

Save in refrigerator before
Taken from tintinrayner


  1. 200 gr bread
  2. 100 gr butter salted
  3. 350 cc fresh milk
  4. 4 egg
  5. 100 gr sugar
  6. 100 gr dried fruit or dates
  7. need : 2 tsp cinnamon powder mix with 1 tsp sugar


  1. Change Chopped bread into small pieces and put on Pyrex
  2. Change Spread dried fruit or dates
  3. Change Melted butter and milk and whisk egg and sugar
  4. Change Pour melted margarine into egg Stir well
  5. Change Then pour above of bread until covered all
  6. Change Oven 170°C 45 minute Get out from oven and spread with cinnamon
  7. Noted : if you want enjoy it with vanila sauce : whisk 1 yolk with 2 tbsp sugar then add 1 tbsp vanila pasta and 1 tsp corn starch Mix well then pour in 250 cc warm milk Stir fastly

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