Broccoli & cheddar soup (copycat panera bread)

I got tired of going to panera bread for soup and sandwich, so i copy cat there recipe with my ingredients


  1. 2 head broccoli
  2. 12 oz velveeta cheese
  3. 3 cup chicken broth
  4. 1/2 can cream of mushroom soup
  5. 1 cup milk
  6. 1/2 onion finely diced
  7. 2 carrots grated
  8. 2 clove garlic minced/ or powder
  9. 1 tbsp corn starch
  10. 1/2 stick butter
  11. pinch fresh cracked pepper


  1. Change Finely dice your onion and melt your butter down in a large pot Add onion and garlic and saute until tender Couple of minutes
  2. Change Add chicken broth milk and cream of mushroom soup Slowly stir in corn starch and bring to a very low simmer while continuously stirring
  3. Change Cut one head of broccoli into bite size florets and the second head of broccoli mince it so its very fine so you always get a bite of broccoli when your eating Grate the carrots and add both to the pot and simmer and stir
  4. Change Add cubed velveeta cheese into pot and stir
  5. Change Simmer until cheese is melted and broccoli is to your tenderness scale
  6. Serve with more cheese and cracked pepper

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