Brown Rice Bun-like Miso Steamed Bread

This recipe is a variation of Easy, Springy Non-Oil Steamed Bread .
I had a craving for macrobiotic oatmeal steamed buns. You can use the oatmeal as is, but the texture will become moist and chewy if you take the trouble to pulverize it into a powder. You can prevent condensation from dripping onto the buns by wrapping the steamer lid in cloth, and fixing it with a rubber band. (Don t let the cloth catch on fire!) Recipe by Miyakojika


  1. 100 grams Oatmeal
  2. 2 tbsp ● Miso
  3. 3 tbsp ● Water
  4. 100 ml Additive-free soy milk
  5. 100 ml Water
  6. 30 grams Beet sugar (or normal sugar)
  7. 100 grams ★Cake flour
  8. 8 grams ★ Aluminum-free baking powder


  1. Change Pulse the oatmeal into a powder in a food processor Mix together and dissolve the miso in water Prepare the steamer by boiling the water and turning on the heat
  2. Change Mix the miso soy milk water and sugar in a bowl add the oatmeal and mix well to allow the water to absorb
  3. Change Sift in the ★ ingredients then use a rubber spatula to fold the batter as if cutting until the flour is well integrated and the batter is evenly incorporated
  4. Change Fill muffin cups 80% full When steam rises from the steamer place the cups inside and steam for about 15 minutes on high heat They are ready when a skewer inserted to the middle comes out clean
  5. Change Remove them from the muffin cups and cool They will turn out moist and chewy and not dry if you cool in a lidded resealable container
  6. Change These are low in sugar Serve them for breakfast or for a snack Store any leftovers in the freezer after wrapping in plastic wrap and putting them in a resealable vinyl bag
  7. Change For the oatmeal you can use either the quick cooking type (shown on the right) or other store-bought oats (as shown on the left)

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