Chilli pepper crab meat sandwich

yummy to my tummy :hungry


  1. hot chilli pepper crab meat sandwiches yummy for any day of the week
  2. 1 olive oil just enough to coat the pan
  3. 1 chopped bell pepper
  4. 2 dash black pepper
  5. 2 chopped green onions
  6. 1 chopped red pepper optional
  7. 3 dash fish masala seasoning
  8. 2 dash zatar seasoning
  9. 3 chopped tomatoes
  10. 1 dash garlic powder seasoning
  11. 1 dash thyme seasoning
  12. 1/2 cup tomato paste
  13. 25 crab meat sticks
  14. 1 low fat shredded cheese any flavor you like i used low fat white chedder cheese
  15. 1 any kind of bread you like i used bakery fresh long rolls


  1. add olive oil and all of the chopped vegetables to the pan
  2. (saute the vegetables on Low heat till tender)
  3. add all the seasoning you can adjust the seasonings to your taste
  4. stir in the tomatoes paste
  5. cut the crab meat sticks in half and add them to the mixture
  6. increase heat to medium stirring occasionaly until hot
  7. slice the rolls and fill them with the mixture and sprinkle with cheese
  8. heat in microwave till cheese is melted or can use a toaster oven

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