Easy Salsa Beef Skillet

Here is a simple weeknight meal I found from Kraft Foods

  1. 1 lb ground beef
  2. 2 cups water
  3. 1 cup Taco Bell Thick amp Chunky salsa you can use what you like
  4. 1 pkg (14 oz) Kraft Deluxe Macaroni amp Cheese Dinner
  5. 2 cups frozen corn I used 1 can of corn
  6. 1/2 cup Kraft mexican style shredded 4 cheese
  7. 1 green onion chopped if you want for topping
  1. Brown meat in large skillet Drain fat
  2. Add water salsa corn and macaroni stir Bring to a boil
  3. Cover Simmer on low heat until macaroni is tender stirring occasionally
  4. Stir in cheese sauce Cook 2 minutes or until heated through Stirring frequently
  5. Top with shredded cheese and onions

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