Egg in a Basket



  1. 1 each Egg
  2. 1 stick Butter or Spray Butter
  3. 1 slice Bread


  1. Spray non-stick cooking spray in skillet
  2. Heat skillet to medium high
  3. While the stove is warming the pan pre-cut some slices of bread by taking a cookie/biscuit cutter to the centers in the photo I only have heart shaped amp star cutters
  4. Lower skillet heat to medium heat
  5. Place unbuttered toast on the skillet Then add 1 egg to center *You can prepare the eggs how ever you like I did sunny side up*
  6. Flip when egg becomes firm enough to flip on the bottom When flipped spray/ butter over the top of the toast then flip again once the other side is firm enough to flip amp spray butter the other side And just cook to either a runny-firm yolk
  7. NOTE: If you want more toast just make a smaller hole in the bread amp dont use Extra Large eggs like I did or Large eggs try small/medium eggs so you wont have any run over

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