Fairy Bread ! :-)

love this , cause everyone s a kid at heart lol :cookie


  1. 1 loaf bread
  2. 1 butter or marg to spread on the bread
  3. 1 packages 100 #39 s and 100 #39 s sprinkles freckles


  1. Change Take as much bread as you wish to use and using the butter or marg spread each slice all over one side
  2. Change now there are two ways you can do this next step FIRST IS : take the sprinkle packet and cut corner of one side not too big and slowly shake to sprinkle over each slice of bread onto the butter evenly and generously
  3. SECOND IS : To cut a corner from the sprinkle packet and empty onto a medium deep even level plate and shake to level sprinkles now one by one turn buttered side of bread over and lay over sprinkles in the plate press lightly to coat all butter on the bread turn back over and place on clean plate
  4. Change Cut into half triangle ways or quartered in triangle ways plate up around the plate and serve kids favourite at birthday parties or just to eat here in OZ and even us adults love them to mmmm yum
  5. Change Or for fairy sandwiches place sprinkles on one slice of buttered or marg bread generously then place a plain buttered or marg one on top to create a sandwich then cut sandwich in half or quarters by triangle serve and enjoy yum yum 🙂

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