Farm girl homemade chill with a twice and corn bread crob

I just want chill last night and I have never made it in my life. Today is the very first time my mom sure part of her recipe with me. And We have canned our own vegetables and tomatoes that we have made in the summer thought it would be cool to us to the make chili out of. Plus it comes from our own vegetables garden from the country. 🙂 also my famliy love it and we eat it all up less then hour between 4 people. And my family really did use to eat my cooking and now the they do.


  1. 1 lb ground beef or ground turkey
  2. 1 can sew tomatoes
  3. 1 tsp vinegar
  4. 2 tsp brown sugar
  5. 1 quart homemade jar of vegetables sauce tomato
  6. 4 1/4 tsp chili powder
  7. 1 tsp minced onions
  8. 1 can red kidney beans
  9. corn bread
  10. 2 cup self rising corn meal
  11. 1/3 vegetables oil
  12. 1 eggs
  13. 1 3/4 milk or butter milk


  1. Frist cook 1 pound of ground beef or turkey until golden brown Then drain the meat and put into crock pot
  2. Add all ingredients into crock pot and cook for 3 hours The twice is that that jar of vegetables tomato sauce is homemade from our vegetables that we can our self But you can use what you like
  3. Add corn bread with the chill on the side
  4. When making the corn bread mix all ingredients together Pour batter into cast-iron skillet also make sure you grease it frist Bake at 425 about 25 minutes until golden brown

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