Fried Beef Sausage with Potato Pancakes

YUMMO!! Usually use a fry pan for both of these, but decided to try the deep dish bake pan from the Foreman Evolve System. Worked great. Had a bowl – which was used to make the potatoes in and to mix ingredients, the deep dish pan, a plate and utensils……cant ask for easier clean up. I did use beef sausage, as I really don t do pork. Add what you like to it, onions, garlic, chives, cheese, etc.

  1. 12 oz beef or pork sausage
  2. 4 cup mashed potatoes – chilled
  3. salt and pepper
  4. 1 each fresh egg
  5. oil or butter for frying
  6. all-purpose flour
  1. Change Preheat skillet to medium Add a tbls of oil and heat Drop potato mixture into hot oil by about a tbls Flatten and brown on both sides
  2. Change Mix chilled potatoes with egg flour salt amp pepper and any other spices you like
  3. Change Remove to serving plate Serve with butter sour cream or applesauce Plain is good too
  4. Change I made this in the Foreman Grill tonight – if you saw the pictures of the French Toast you know I dont like my stove top – too hard to control the heat First batch had too much oil and the mix was too wet Added a little more flour – about 2 tbls total After that worked great These freeze really well Just put in the microwave toaster oven or even in the toaster (depending on how much grease – from frying – are on them I dont overly season as I like mine with applesauce

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