Fried Corn Beef and Potatoes

My mom used to make and I loved as kid and still crave and me and my kiddos love with little ketchup! Also great with fried egg on top!

  1. 1 can corned beef meat
  2. 1 large potato chopped
  3. 4-5 tablespoons oil
  1. Add oil to frying pan and heat over a medium high heat
  2. Change Chop potatoes
  3. Change Once frying pan heated add potatoes and can of corned beef
  4. Change Once you have meat mixed in with potatoes let sizzle over med high heat for about 10 minutes and flip (do not flip until meat is browned) Cook another 10 minutes letting sizzle over heat to brown that side of meat Then mix together carefully paying attention to not mush potatoes

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