Gâteau à la broche (Spike cake)

Spike cake comes form South of France, in Pyrenees mountains. Perfect for a big party with a lot of guests, you can eat it with vanilla custard 😍😍.


  1. 20 eggs
  2. 750 g butter (let it outside the fridge to soften it)
  3. 600 g sugar
  4. 37 5 g vanilla sugar (5 small bags)
  5. 750 g flour
  6. 1 small glass rum
  7. 1 small glass Pernod (aniseed-flavored alcohol)
  8. Zest of lemon
  9. Liquid vanilla flavoring
  10. Liquid lemon flavoring
  11. Cone-shaped baking pan (wooden)


  1. Change 🔸Separate yolks (in a very big pot) and egg whites (in 2 different medium pots because it is easier for whisking up egg whites later)
  2. Change 🔸Add 600g sugar vanilla sugar in the pot containing yolks Mix it until the mixture blanches (with a spoon)
  3. 🔸While mixing add the Pernod zest of lemon (1/2 lemon is enough) and the rum You can also add the lemon and vanilla flavors as much as you want depending on your personal taste
  4. Change 🔸Add the sieved flour and keep on mixing to incorporate it properly
  5. Change 🔸Gradually mix the butter with the mixture
  6. Change 🔸Whisk up the egg whites with a little bit of salt Add some sugar to fix them Once done add into the main mixture and mix SLOWLY Let it rest at least 1h
  7. Change 🔸Prepare the can-bin : cover it with greaseproof and tighten it with rope Below the homemade system to collect the mixture which can fall and in the background the fire is gonna cook the cake
  8. Change 🔸Tricky part of the recipe: Pour out some mixture on the cone while someone else is spinning the cone Spin fast to make spikes and slowly to cook the cake Collect the falling mixture and pour out again on the cake It takes time and do not forget to spin on the other side too
  9. Change 🔸Cake is gonna become thicker because of the layers
  10. Change 🔸Once theres no mixture left take it away from the fire remove the cone and Tadaaaaam !
  11. 🔸Enjoy your meal with vanilla custard or alone ! 🍽