Ginger-Garlic soup

This recipe is that of a simple type of soup,easy to make,but delicious and healthy. No artificial flavours or ingredients. You can even surprise your unexpected guests,by this yummy dish.
This is good for everybody especially,children,aged and  the convalescent.


  1. 100 gms Carrots Beet beans potatoes onions   roots  and Big  —–each
  2. 10 nos Garlic -cloves – :
  3. 1 Ginger (grated)-table spoon
  4. 1 Pepper powder-table spoon-
  5. 2 Coriander leaves table spoon-
  6. 1/2 curry leaves – table spoon
  7. 1 Onion Small -cut into small fine pieces-table spoon-
  8. one and half Ghee –table spoon
  9. 1/2 cup Vermicelli -cut to -small pieces-
  10. 2 Egg white
  11. to taste Salt


  1. The vegetables shown abovecleaned and cut to small pieces are mixed with the onionshalf the quantities of the ginger garlic pepper powder salt listed aboveand 5  cups of water The whole mixture is  cooked in a pressure cookerand the vegstock  separated
  2. One fourth of the cooked vegetable pieces can be blended in a mixer Add the puree to the stock followed by the white of two eggs
  3. Saute the mustard seeds the rest of gingergarlic curry leavesfollowed by small onionsin a little ghee till they turn slighly brown Add balance of pepper powderfollowed by the vegetable stockstirring continuously When the contents starts boiling take out from the fire  continuing the stirring Serve hot after garnishing with vermicelli fried in ghee  and corriander leaves The Yummy and fresh soup with rich flavour is ready

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