Grilled Beef Ribs

Took me a few tries because beef ribs tend to be greasy and tough, but I mastered it. Let me know what you think.

  1. 1 Rack of beef ribs
  2. 1 Your favorite beef dry rub
  3. 1 Squeeze butter or margerin
  1. Pull membrane off the bone side of ribs VERY important if you want tender ribs Its a clear thin layer on the back of the rack but it pulls off fairly easy
  2. Change Coat the ribs generously with dry rub Spank it! (I always spank it)
  3. Change Grill over direct heat for 5mins on each side (get a good brown color on there)
  4. Change Wrap in heavy duty foil and squeeze butter over the meat (feel free to dress it up with onions peppers mushrooms etc)
  5. Cook over indirect heat at 375° for 45mins (bone should begin to show when done) Brush your preference of BBQ sauce on both sides and let it caramelize (I make my own sauce)
  6. Change Separate ribs and let cool to serve

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