grilled cheese with tomato soup three options

I was talking with Pallu22 and remembered this comfort food of long ago here it is yall


  1. soup
  2. 1 can fifteen ounce of tomato condensed soup
  3. 1 can of water or milk same can the soup came in
  4. 1/2 cup cooked jasmine rice optional this is my choice
  5. 2 cup shredded colby jack cheese you could easily cut this by half but I love cheese
  6. 2 slice Havarti cheese
  7. 2 slice sharp cheddar cheese per sandwich
  8. 4 slice garlic Texas toast
  9. 5 pats of butter


  1. Change Add soup to pot 2 options here add water
  2. Change Or add a can of milk for more creamy
  3. Third option leave plain or add rice
  4. Change The sandwiches get out Texas toast or any bread you like
  5. Change Lay first cheese slice
  6. Change Alternate to next type
  7. Keep alternating
  8. Change Add shredded cheese and bread
  9. Change Melt butter reduce heat put sandwiches in pan and cover dont burn the toast butter burns quickly
  10. Toast the bread
  11. Turn toast more remove and use sandwich to dip into soup hope you enjoy
  12. Tip if you have leftover Chinese takeout white rice you can use here

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