Instant bread catori chat made in appam tva

#bandhan My innovative recp


  1. 5 pieces white Bread
  2. Boiled potatoes 4 -5 medium size
  3. Soaked black chana
  4. Curd
  5. Black salt
  6. Chat masala
  7. Bhuna jeera powder
  8. Sev
  9. Tutti fruity
  10. leaves Curry
  11. Oil


  1. Boiled the potatoes and add little salt
  2. Roast black chana on tva add little salt
  3. Cut the bread pieces into round shape with the help of catori
  4. Greased appam tva and adjust round bread in appam tva make catori
  5. Cooklow flame till crisy and golden brown
  6. For assembling put bread catori on plate
  7. Spread potato and curd
  8. Change Sprinkle Chat masala roasted cummin seeds power and salt
  9. Change Sprinkle Sev and tutti fruity
  10. Change Garnish with curry leaves
  11. Happy cooking

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