Jollof rice with salad, pepper kpomo and fried chicken

My jollof is not a regular jollof it s one of a kind 🤗🤗🤗


  1. 1 kg rice
  2. 8 medium size fresh tomatoes
  3. 1/2 quarter of dried pepper
  4. 4 fresh red pepper
  5. 4 fresh green pepper
  6. 1 pack green peas
  7. 2 large balls of onion
  8. 2 medium size spring onion
  9. 4 cubes Maggi seasoning
  10. All purpose seasoning
  11. Salt
  12. Thyme
  13. Curry powder
  14. I full chicken
  15. Kpomo(cow skin)
  16. For salad
  17. Cabbage
  18. 2 sticks carrot
  19. Medium size cucumber (optional)
  20. Salad cream


  1. First I cut or dice my red and green pepper my onion I also dice my kpomo then I blend my fresh tomatoes some of my fresh red pepper and onion
  2. Then i cut and neatly wash my chicken and my diced kpomo then add my seasonings onions and add some water then leave it on the burner until the chicken is well cooked and soft
  3. I then pre boil my rice and wash set aside and fry my chicken in sunflower oil(medium heat) so when everything is ready I fry my tomato purée then add my stock water and some more seasoning and salt when this is ready I add my pre boiled rice and allow to cook for maybe 20-30 mins depending on your cooker
  4. When the water starts drying up I add my peas some of my green and red pepper and thats it so when the water is all dried up I stir with a wooden spoon and yes my jollof rice is ready
  5. Over to kpomo I add a little bit of oil in a frying pan add some chopped onion and my roughly blended pepper and fry I then pour in my already cooked kpomo curryseasoning cube and salt then stir fry for about 2/3 mins and my pepper kpomo is ready
  6. For my salad I wash my cabbagecarrot and cucumber then grate my cabbage and carrot put in a clean plate add my salad cream an that is it 😊