Mike's Green Chili Tacos

I can t believe I m posting a recipe for hard and soft shell tacos. After all, who doesn t know how to make an easy assed taco nowadays? Well, those NOT in the know would be my tiny, sweet six year old culinary students. That s who! [i swear, they re so stinkin cute!] Seriously, they re so tiny, I literally have to lift them from the floor up for them to take their culinary directional photos for you every time. 😆 Anyway, my youngest students, Joseph, Kyle and Daffiny needed to post this recipe for their culinary web portfolios. So, thanks for your patience with this crazy easy taco recipe fellow Cookpad Cooks! Excellent work kiddos! Chilly, meaty, juicy and seriously spicy all at the same time! Your tacos were beyond fresh, crispy, chilly and delicious! I m so proud of you all! What a fantastic, fresh and crispy lunch this was for all of us today! Zero regrets!

  1. ● For The Chilled Vegetables chopped – as needed
  2. Habenero Peppers
  3. Shredded Cabbage
  4. Shredded Lettuce
  5. Chopped EX Firm Beefeater Tomatoes
  6. Sliced Radishes
  7. Chopped White Vidalia Onions
  8. Leaves Fresh Cilantro
  9. Chopped Red Onions
  10. Halved Black Olives drained
  11. dash Ground Cumin
  12. Lime Wedges quartered
  13. ● For The Meats
  14. 2 Pounds 90/10 Hamburger Meat no need to drain meat
  15. 1 Pound Diced Pork Shoulder optional
  16. as needed Beef Broth for steaming meat amp dissolving seasoning
  17. 3 Smashed Fine Minced Garlic Cloves
  18. 2 (4 oz) Cans Green Chili or 8 oz fresh hatch green chilies
  19. 1 Dash Ground Cumin
  20. 1 Dash Fresh Ground Black Pepper
  21. 2 tbsp Deyderated Onions
  22. 1 1/2 Packets El Paso Taco Seasoning you may not need all
  23. ● For The Sides as needed
  24. Jalapeno Peppers
  25. Mexican 3 Cheese
  26. Green Salsa
  27. Red Salsa
  28. Sour Cream
  29. Fresh Chives
  30. Sliced Avacados
  31. ● For The Carbs as needed
  32. 6 quot Flour Tortillas
  33. 6 quot Corn Tortillas
  34. Hard Taco Shells
  1. Change Chop all vegetables and sprinkle with a dash of Ground Cumin and fresh Ground Black Pepper Authors Side Note: The red and green salsa pictured were made by a 104 year old Hispanic woman in Chihuahua City Mexico who literally wont cough up her secret recipes Yup It appears shes taking this one to the grave Stingy ole bag! But still delicious!
  2. Change Optional ingredient: Rinse your pork shoulder and pat dry
  3. Change Fine dice your pork shoulder of opting
  4. Change Chop up your hamburger meat and add your green chilies cumin seasoning packet and beef broth Simmer meat until browned and fully moist and cooked No need to drain meat if using 90/10 grade
  5. Change De-seed and dice your fresh green chilies Or add your canned green chilies to your hamburger and pork meat Also add a dash of Ground Cumin again to the mix!
  6. Change Youll definitely need beef broth to thin your taco seasoning packet Then whisk! whisk! whisk!
  7. Change If adding pork cubes – add 1 1/2 packets of taco seasoning If not just one packet is needed Old El Passo is a great OTC brand!
  8. Change Enjoy your tacos with ice cold Mexican beers in ice cold frosty mugs!

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