Mike's Grilled Caprese

By grilling these, you ll end up with an almost smoky, steak-like, after taste in your tomatoes and cheese which is probably why these go so well with grilled steaks!

  1. Caprese Side Dish
  2. 2 large Firm Beefeater Tomatoes room temp
  3. 4 dash Each: Olive Oil – Garlic Powder – Sea Salt – Black Pepper – Dried Oregano Or Italian Seasoning
  4. 10 Each: Fresh Basil Leaves – Parsley Leaves
  5. 1 cup Shreaded Motzerella whole slices of motzerella won #39 t melt as quickly
  6. Equipment
  7. 1 Grill
  8. 1 Pair Of Tongs
  1. Change Slightly slice the top and bottoms of your room temperature tomatoes Pack Basil and Parsley leaves into the openings of the tomatoes Coat tomatoes with Olive Oil and sprinkle the seasonings all over the tomatoes
  2. Change To grill: Place tomatoes on grill and grill until you see char or score marks on the tomatoes Try not to flip too often but dont burn Afterwards move your tomatoes to the top burner flame free and pile Motzerella on the tops Close grill top and allow cheese to fully melt / smoke and the tomatoes to heat throughly
  3. Change Serve immediately with an entrée of your choosing Enjoy!

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