Mike's Smoked Wild Alaskan King Salmon Cream Cheese Spread

What a fantastic Sunday brunch we had today with this deliciously rich, creamy and smoky spread smeared on toasted bagels! Serve this smoky spread warmed or, chilled on toasted bagels with sides of fresh juicy fruit! Stack them with fresh dill, bean sprouts, lettuce, avocados, spinach and sliced tomatoes! Sturdy vegetables and hard toasted bagel chips work great to dip in this heavy spread as well. Also, serve with crispy dill pickle spears to the side to cut richness of the cream cheese and salmon. It really is a prefect pairing! Know you can also purchase 2 quality pounds of pre-smoked salmon from your local deli to make this recipe easier on you. This spread also makes great gifts if jarred!

  1. ● For The Salmon Spread
  2. 2 Pounds Wild King Alaskan Salmon smoked amp shreaded – see recipe under my profile
  3. 3 (8 oz) Packages Philadelphia Cream Cheese slightly warmed or room temp
  4. 2 tbsp Fresh Chives fine minced
  5. ● For The Bagel Sandwiches
  6. 16 LG Onion Garlic Or Everything Bagels toasted
  7. as needed Sliced Beefeater Tomatoes
  8. as needed Fresh Bean Sprouts
  9. as needed Fresh Dill
  10. as needed Fresh Lettuce
  11. as needed Fresh Spinach
  12. as needed Fresh Avocado Slices
  13. ● For The Sides
  14. as needed Dill Pickle Spears
  15. as needed Sturdy Toasted Bagel Chips
  16. as needed Fresh Chilled Fruits
  17. as needed Fresh Sturdy Vegetables like carrots or celery
  1. Change Smoke your fillets over Alder Hickory and Apple Wood chips at 200° See my detailed recipe under my profile page Mikes Smoked Wild Alaskan King Salmon Fillets
  2. Change Smoke on a ventilated grid for 90 minutes
  3. Change Allow smoked fillets to cool somewhat
  4. Change Peel skin and disgard Shread fillets with forks Check carefully for any bones
  5. Change Mix with 3 – 8 oz packages of warmed Philadelphia Cream Cheese and fresh chives Refrigerate for 2 hours Once chilled this spread molds perfectly!
  6. Change Excelent for any healthy on the go work lunch Pictured below is a toasted Everything Bagel
  7. Change This recipe can fill 6 8 oz Mason jars to give as gifts to your neighbors or co-workers It will also have a much longer shelf life by canning then refrigerating

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