Mike's Stone Soup

Remember when we were kids & we were read fairy tales? Well, that s what I do with my students when we re waiting for bread to rise. Anyway, this week s challenges are all about culinary fairy tales. Well, some of the most recent stories I read them were of Stone Soup & James & The Giant Peach. For those in the know, the first is a story about starving travelers who had nothing to their names other than a massive cooking pot. When they came upon a town & asked for food, the townspeople quickly shunned them & held tightly to their reserves. With that, the starving travelers were forced to think of something creative. Eventually they filled their large pot with water, heated it & added rocks. As the townspeople passed, their inquisitive nature took hold & they asked what the travelers were doing. The travelers responded, Why, we re making the best soup you ve ever tasted! The only problem is, is that it seems to be missing something? At that point, a farmer spoke up and said Well, I have some carrots in my cellar I can afford you. As time quickly passed, the travelers continued to make that same proclamation. Again, another townsperson would offer onions, another spuds, some corn, many fresh bread & seasonings, beef and pork scraps. Before everyone knew it, there was a massive pot of soup large enough to feed the entire town. Well, my students took a page from those books and happily fed the homeless with it today at 4:30 a.m. Stone Soup & Peach Cobbler for all!


  1. ● For The Basic Broth
  2. 4 (32 oz) Boxes Beef Broth
  3. 1/4 Cup Quality Red Wine 1/4 cup reserved
  4. 1 tbsp Fresh Ground Black Pepper
  5. 3 Packets McCormick Beef Stew Seasoning reserve 1/2 of 3rd
  6. 1/2 Can Tomato Paste
  7. 2 LG Bay Leaves
  8. ● For The Fresh Vegetables
  9. 3 LG Celery Stalks 1 quot cube
  10. 3 LG Carrots 1 quot cube
  11. 2 LG Tomatoes cubed
  12. 1/2 LG White Onion sliced
  13. 1/2 LG Red Onion sliced
  14. 1 Can Sweet Corn drained
  15. 1 Can Green Beans drained
  16. 1 5 Cups Fresh Mushrooms sliced
  17. 10 Baby Russet Potatoes left whole
  18. 8 Medium Idaho Potatoes halved
  19. 1 Medium Green Bell Pepper 1 quot cubed
  20. 10 Cloves Whole Garlic Cloves chopped
  21. ● For The Meats
  22. 4 lbs Beef Stew Chuck 1 quot chop Worshestershire Sauce
  23. 1/2 Packet McCormick Beef Stew Seasoning 3 tbsp Flour
  24. 2 lbs Pork Shoulder boiled and shreadded
  25. 1 tbsp Kitchen Bouquet
  26. ● For The Thickener
  27. 2 tbsp Corn Starch more if needed
  28. 2 tbsp Water
  29. ● For The Finish
  30. 4 tbsp Dehydrated Onions
  31. 1 tsp Granulated Garlic
  32. 1 tsp Granulated Onion
  33. 1 Good Dash Au Jus Extract
  34. 1/4 Cup Quality Red Wine


  1. Change Usually I provide all of the ingredients for my students classes but today each student brought their own individual ingredient in honor of the fairy tale of Stone Soup They made 6 massive batches of this soup/stew Anyway heres your easy basic broth 0)
  2. Change Chop all vegetables and add to pot with broth
  3. Change Chop your beef into small cubes
  4. Change Season beef in a Zip lock Bag
  5. Change Place beef in heated pan and sear meat with flour and 1/2 packet of beef stew seasoning
  6. Change Fry until seared
  7. Change Boil raw pork meat until fully cooked and fork shread
  8. Change Add all meat to pot Allow to simmer for 3 hours Gently stir from bottom as to not break up potatoes
  9. Change Warm bread pictured
  10. Change Serve hot with fresh bread Enjoy!
  11. Change This is a great cooking wine!

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