Mike's Super Simple Taco & Tostada Tips

Don t you hate it when you spend hours upon hours preparing delectable, sophisticated and detailed dishes. But, you re somehow mostly appreciated for those meals that literally take you less than ten minutes to prepare? You know – those idiot proof recipes of yours? Well, this is certainly one of mine. Hopefully I m not sounding arrogant but this is one of my most [americanized] requested dishes by my family, students and neighbors. They asked me to post. So, here goes my incredibly simple, foolproof Taco recipe with tips. Just know that these Tacos and Tostadas are all about the options. From the meats, to the fresh chilled veggies, to the homemade salsas. Do excuse the overly detailed directions and photos. Seven overly enthusiastic eight year olds both pictured and posted them for me last night. After all, it was Taco Tuesday here in the O Brien Shire! Anyway, in the end, I suppose fresh, chilly, crisp, homemade and firm is what this dish is all about. Enjoy!

  1. ● For The Meat as needed
  2. 80/20 Ground Beef
  3. ● For The Shells as needed
  4. Fresh Flat Tostada Shells
  5. Fresh Flour Tortillas
  6. Fresh Taco Shells
  7. ● For The Vegetables Additions amp Toppings all chilled – as needed
  8. Taco Bell Seasoning Packe one for meat – one for refried beans
  9. Firm Black Olives sliced
  10. Fresh Cilantro Leaves chopped
  11. Red Onions chopped
  12. Iceberg Lettuce shreaded
  13. Cabbage shreaded
  14. Shreaded Mexican 3 Cheese
  15. Viadailla Onions chopped
  16. Firm Beefeater Tomatoes chopped
  17. Jalape̱os minced Рseeds amp membranes removed
  18. Fresh Minced Garlic
  19. Fresh Lime Wedges amp Juice
  20. 1 Can Beef Stock with sodium
  21. 2 Cans Rosarita Refried Beans one of the better brands
  22. Firm Avocados sliced – lightly drizzled with lime juice
  23. 2 tbsp Dehydrated Onions don #39 t use fresh onions
  24. Radishes sliced
  25. Sour Cream add fresh chives if possible
  26. Homemade Salsa see recipe
  27. Homemade Green Salsa see recipe
  28. Homemade Habenero Sauce see recipe
  29. 1/2 tsp Mexican Oregeno crushed
  30. Queso Fresco Cheese
  31. ● For The Options all dusted with Taco seasoning
  32. Sliced Sirlon
  33. Shreaded Chicken
  34. Chopped Shrimp
  1. Change Start with 80/20 ground beef Theres no need to strain this specific extra lean blend
  2. Change One of the better more familiar Americanized pre-fabed Taco Seasoning mixes This brand is always a REAL time saver After all Im always about the easy if it works!
  3. Change Instead of adding your dry packet seasoning mix into your dry fried ground beef and risk clumping Or even adding plain water to moisten and dissolve it Try using a 1/2 cup of beef stock for moisture and additional flavor Mix steam simmer and cover
  4. Change Add a good pinch of ground cumin a dash of Mexican Oregeno crushed fresh ground black pepper fresh minced garlic and 2 tbsp dehydrated onions Cover and simmer Add additional beef stock if need be Be sure to use dehydrated onions Believe it or not they really do make the beef part of the dish
  5. Change Chop fresh chilled shreadded cabbage lettuce with drizzled lime juice tomatoes cilantro Viadailla onions for sweetness firm black sliced olives hidden under tomatoes jalapeños with radishes and refrigerate Make sure all vegetables are super firm crazy snapy fresh and chilled! It does make a huge difference!
  6. Change For the Stacked Refried Beans Add a bunch of fresh chopped sweet onions a 1/2 cup Mexican 3 Cheese firm tomatoes with no seeds cilantro leaves minced garlic jalapeños a 1/2 packet of taco seasoning and a dash of your favorite red salsa Just heat and serve Thats it folks! Easy peasy! No secrets here! You can sauté your vegetables if you want them soft but we dont here in New Mexico
  7. Change Fresh chilled sliced Avocados drizzled with lime juice for flavor and to keep them from browning
  8. Change Fresh chilled Sour Cream Add fresh diced chives to it if you have them on hand Theyre always appreciated!
  9. Change Fresh homemade guacamole See my recipe for Mikes Fiesta Guacamole under my profile if youd like
  10. Change Homemade habenero sauce See my recipe for Mikes Garlic Habenero Chili Sauce under my profile if youd like
  11. Change Homemade chilled salsa See my recipe under Mikes Authentic Salsa I received this recipe from a native Mexican in Mexico City when I was a kid Its clean pure crisp and crazy delicious!
  12. Change Homemade chilled Green Salsa See my recipe for Mikes Very Verde Salsa if youd like Here in New Mexico we usually employ both red and green salsa on everything we eat In fact we typically call it Goin Christmas on their asses!
  13. Change Feel free to check out my Mikes Creamy Avocado Dip And Spread if youd like
  14. Change Queso Fresco Cheese You will want to crumble it up a bit
  15. Change Fresh shredded Mexican 3 Cheese blend
  16. Change Red Onion and cilantro leaves always make for a pretty colorful delicious garnish
  17. Change You can use fresh lime wedges or lime juice Your choice Used mostly to keep fresh ingredients from browning as well as for flavor Either works just as well Its up to you!
  18. Sliced sirlon shreaded chicken and shrimp mixed with your basic Taco seasoning goes great with these as well Just make sure your proteins are hot and your sides are super crispy and chilly! Enjoy!

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