Morning bread in chocolate

My children didn t wanna eat Morning bread why it is light tastes they aren t favorite. So I made Morning bread fascinating them by using chocolate. Let you looking forward to cook it. Maybe your children absolutely like it!!


  1. 500 g flour
  2. 6 g Dried yeast
  3. 30 g granulated sugar
  4. 6 g baked salt
  5. 60 g coconut oil
  6. 260 g water
  7. 60 g Dark chocolates


  1. Change Mix flour yeast sugar salt coconut oil water by using whiskyou have to control speed firstly low 3 minutes-gtmedium 6mins-gthigh 2mins
  2. Change Fermenting for 50mins Batter should be growing 3 time more than first time
  3. Change Prepared dark chocolates
  4. Change 2 time of Fermentation for 30mins
  5. Change Completely Baked in oven 170℃ for 15mins

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