Omelet Viet Nam style. ^~^

Smile ^~^


  1. 10 egg
  2. 300 grams Merge pork
  3. 4 Tomato
  4. 1 onion fishsauce peper Tapioca flour
  5. 100 grams Pa té
  6. 1 Cucumber
  7. 5 Bread
  8. 1 Chili soup


  1. Cut tomato to small peaces
  2. use merge pork a little peper fish sause together and make to small ball
  3. put a little oil into the pan and put tomato inside stir-fry it about 5min and put about 500ml water inside
  4. When water boil put small ball pork inside and cook more 10 minutes use small fire and some fish sause for fix
  5. turn off fire put (water mix with a little Topioca flour) and chopstick merge it
  6. use other pan fry omelet and put a little peper
  7. when all finish put the soup inside omelets disk
  8. eat with pa té and cucumber its very taste

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