P-chan's White Sandwich Bread (in a bread machine)

I was annoyed at the lack of soft crusted, low salt, sandwich breads using a bread machine. I finally found a satisfactory recipe and adjusted it myself to make a loaf that doesn t have a very hard crust, is soft & tasty on the inside, isn t overly salty and fits in my toaster. I use a Panasonic SD-2501 bread machine.


  1. 6 g Yeast
  2. 405 g Bread flour
  3. 40 g Sugar
  4. 5 g Salt
  5. 30 g Unsalted Butter
  6. 125 g Milk
  7. 120 g Water


  1. Place all the ingredients into your pan in the order specified by your bread machine
  2. Select the normal bread cycle with a large loaf and light crust
  3. Change Approximately 4 hours later a wonderful loaf emerges Allow it to cool before slicing
  4. Change Yum!

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