Pinky's Juicy Lucie Burger

As part of a summer menu seminar, I researched Jalapeño Poppers. I found that most people wanted more than just appetizers. I then decided to jump on the Juicy Lucy Burger bandwagon, and here s my first few attempts. ALL GOOD!

  1. Burger Patties
  2. 1 kg ground beef
  3. 1 kg ground venison
  4. 2 each large eggs
  5. 1/2 cup seasoned fine breadcrumbs
  6. Burger Fillings – Mix-match
  7. 1 Emmenthal Cheese
  8. 1 Dry Salami
  9. 1 Prosciutto
  10. 1 Sundried Tomato in oil
  11. 1 Old Cheddar
  12. 1 Feta
  1. Mix ground meat seasoning crumbs and eggs until an even consistency is reached
  2. Prepare 8 THIN patties you need 2 for each burger
  3. On half the patties place desired filling(s) and top with cheese
  4. Place a second patty on top of the first Press the edges together firmly Chill thoroughly
  5. Preheat grill to HI
  6. Sear burgers for 3 minutes per side
  7. Reduce heat to BBQ and cook until desired doneness
  8. Remove from heat and stand 5 minutes before serving with all appropriate toppings Fresh tomatoes red onions dill slices bacon grilled portobello slices alfalfa sprouts hummus whatever you like goes!

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