Slow Cooker Corned Beef & Cabbage

There are many variations of this recipe and most are similar but use beer. This does not and is super easy. Total cook time is 9 hours on low or 5 hours on high.

  1. 1 Corned Beef Brisket – 3-4 lbs w/seasoning packet – rinsed
  2. 8-10 Small-Medium Red or Yukon Gold Potatoes Cut in half
  3. 3 Medium Onions – quartered
  4. 1 Bag Baby Carrots
  5. 1 Small Head of Cabbage quartered cored rinsed
  6. to taste Kosher Salt
  7. to taste Black Pepper
  8. to taste Onion Powder
  9. 32 oz Low Sodium Beef Broth
  10. Water
  1. Rinse Brisket and set aside
  2. Clean and halve potatoes and place in cooker
  3. Peel and quarter onions and add to cooker
  4. Rinse carrots and add to cooker
  5. Place meat on top of vegetables
  6. Empty spice packet on top of meat
  7. Add beef broth to cooker
  8. Add water to cooker so that meat is covered as much as possible
  9. Cover and set timer for 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high
  10. Remove meat after 8 hours (or 4 hours depending on the time frame chosen) – place cabbage into pot and mix in – salt pepper and onion powder to taste – place meat back on top of vegetables and cook for another hour
  11. Remove meat and let rest for 10 minutes afterwhich slice with the grain
  12. Place the vegetables in a bowl or on a plate with meat on top and ladle some broth on as well
  13. Serve with horseradish sauce or mustard of your choice and your favorite bread or rolls if so desired
  14. Enjoy!

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