Slow Cooker Roast Beef

Easy crock pot meal! Perfect for a meal then save the rest for sandwiches! Just put in your meat, Coca Cola, seasonings, and vegetables!

  1. 1 roast (shoulder rump arm whatever looks good to you!)
  2. 1/2 can Coca Cola
  3. 2 cubes Beef bouillon flavor
  4. 0 5-1 bag baby carrots
  5. 1-2 cans Irish potatoes
  6. 1-2 slices purple onion (break apart)
  7. Lawry #39 s Seasoned Salt (cover meat amp vegetables)
  8. Mrs Dash Table Blend (cover meat amp vegetables)
  9. Garlic Powder (cover meat amp vegetables)
  1. Remove roast from fridge and rinse
  2. Turn crock pot onto low then add the roast
  3. Cover bottom of crock pot with Coca Cola
  4. Add the beef cubes to the bottom of the crock pot (in the coke) One left of the roast and one on the right
  5. Rinse needed amount of baby carrots and add them to the crock pot
  6. Shake Lawrys Mrs Dash and Garlic Powder over roast and even vegetables if needed
  7. Cut 1-2 full slices of onion then break them apart over the roast
  8. After about 3-4 hours flip the roast Make sure to move vegetables so the roast is flat on the bottom in the juice
  9. Move some onions to sit on top of the roast Scrap any potatoes that may have become stuck to the side
  10. Reapply all 3 seasonings to the newly exposed roast (and vegetables if you like)
  11. Cook on low for around 6-7hours Longer it cooks the more tender it will become
  12. Keep an eye on moisture and vegetables If not enough juice is made by the roast add some water (Not so it covers the entire roast)

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