Smoked Brisket Flat

The absolutely most perfect reward after a fun day of low and slow smoking with a side of beer and baseball on the tv.

  1. 10 lb Brisket Flat
  2. LA Preferida Sazon Seasoning
  3. Dried whole coriander seeds
  4. Dehydrated chopped onion
  5. BBQ Rub -used Myron Mixon #39 s quot The only barbecue rub you need quot
  1. Pull the brisket out of the frig and light the charcoal in the smoker I use an upright barrel smoker with a water pan
  2. Lightly coat the brisket on all sides with the sazon seasoning
  3. Layer all sides of the brisket with the BBQ rub
  4. In a mortar and pestle coarsely grind a 50/50 blend of the coriander and onion
  5. Coat all sides of the brisket with the coriander onion mix to give another layer of flavor and help build a beautiful bark
  6. When the smoker reaches 250° place the brisket in fat side up Fat down works just fine too its all personal preference
  7. Cook low and slow at 250° until it reaches an internal temp of 200° Frequently monitor the smoker to control the temp and ensure wood chunks are added as needed I used a combo of mesquite and pecan
  8. Once at 200° internal wrap in foil and let sit for a minimum 1 1/2 hours in a dry cooler
  9. Remove from the cooler and slice Save the juice that collects in the foil to serve along with or over top

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