Smoked Brisket

  1. 1 beef brisket piont or flat or whole packer
  2. 1 enough brisket rub to liberally cover brisket
  1. Change I have been forgetting the most critical step in doing awesome BBQ in my past recipes Crack a cold one!
  2. Change Trim all but 1/4 of the fat cap off of brisket and coat liberally with rub
  3. Smoke brisket @ 225° until internal temp is 165°-170°
  4. Remove from smoker and double wrap in foil to keep juices from ruining out
  5. Return brisket to smoker and smoke till internal temp of 190°is reached
  6. Remove from smoker and rest 45 min
  7. Slice or chop and enjoy!

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