Spicy veggie soup with beef stew meat

I learned to make vegetable soup while working at a local restaurant in my hometown in south east louisiana. I changed the recipe to my liking. It s a hit with everyone who tries it. Perfect for a cold day. Sometimes I use fresh corn and green beans but it s easier to do it this way.

  1. 3 lb beef stew meat
  2. 1 can tomato sauce(8 oz)
  3. 1 can diced tomatoes
  4. 1 can tomato juice (5 5 oz)
  5. 1 can rotel
  6. 1 can cut green beans
  7. 1 can corn
  8. 1 can beef broth
  9. 3 carrots
  10. 2 potatoes
  11. 1/4 medium size red cabbage
  12. 1 yellow onion
  13. 3 celery stocks
  14. 2 cup water (or more if needed)
  15. 1 salt to taste
  16. 1 tonys chacheres to taste
  17. 1 black pepper to taste
  1. Pour all canned items (corn and green beans drained first) into large pot
  2. Chop all vegetables to desired size I prefer to keep them rather large
  3. Add all chopped vegetables except potatoes to pot
  4. Chop stew meat to preferred size and add to pot
  5. Add water until it covers about an inch over all ingredients
  6. Cook on medium heat for 2 hours Stirring occasionally
  7. Add potatoes
  8. Cook until potatoes are cooked through Adding more water if needed
  9. Season with tonys salt and pepper to taste

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