taisen's beef tips with red wine gravy

my husband liked the cream of mushroom gravy but I liked the red wine one

  1. 1 to 2 packages of beef tips
  2. 1 red wine
  3. 1 to 2 packages of lipton beefy onion soup mix ( powder)
  4. 1 water
  5. 1 beef bullion cubes
  6. 1 milk
  7. 1 flour or corn starch
  8. 1 pepper to taste
  9. 1 meat tenderizer
  10. 1 noodles or rice
  11. 1 note: if you don #39 t want to do wine gravy follow the instructions for the cream of mushroom one
  1. open the beef tips and put them into a crock pot you may sear these quickly in a frying pan before you put them in if you prefer
  2. after you have them in the crock pot sprinkle a decent amount of meat tenderizer on them sprinkle pepper you can also add any other spice you like
  3. Change take the Lipton soup mix and open either one or both you can shift out the onions if you like put water in a bowl or measuring cup add mix stir well until the powder is dissolved I do one pack at a time
  4. Change pour this over the tips in the crock pot add in 1 to 3 beef bullion cubes cover the tips with enough liquid to make sure they dont burn
  5. cover and let the tips cook for a few hours it will depend on how high you have the temperature and how many tips you have
  6. when they look like they have about 10 minutes left or so start the gravy I did both you can also start your noodles or rice now if you like or wait since the crock pot will keep them hot and the gravy will stay warm as well
  7. in a saucepan add water and about 5 beef cubes dissolve the cubes set aside for later use
  8. turn crock pot off but keep covered so it stays warm or put it on low
  9. for red wine gravy: take out some of the juice from the crock pot add it to a saucepan pour in the red wine mix and heat through add a beef cube and dissolve it this will be runny you can add more stock or water to make more gravy add in some pepper to thicken this add milk beef broth from a pot you did earlier and flour or cornstarch mix those in a bowl pour slowly into the gravy until desired thickness if you need more brown color add a bit of jarred beef gravy if you like
  10. for the cream of mushroom soup gravy: add a can or two of the soup into a saucepan add in stock from both the saucepan of beef broth and liquid from the crock pot mix and heat you can also add more beef flavor and milk if it is runny thicken it with milk mixed with cornstarch or flour add pepper to taste you can make this a lighter white color or a brownish color
  11. Change keep in mind taste the gravy you make add anything extra you need or want for the flavor
  12. if you havent started the noodles or rice do so now and keep both or one of the gravys warm but keep an eye on it or them and stir so it doesnt burn to the saucepan ( I say both because I did both to see which tasted better)
  13. Change once the noodles or rice are done drain turn heat off to gravy or gravys and to the crock pot
  14. Change put the noodles or rice on a plate add some beef tips and pour some gravy over top serve with anything you like enjoy!

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