Telur Asin Ayam (Salted Chicken Eggs)

I modified the original recipe from Natural Cooking Club ( I used free range chicken eggs instead, because to me, they taste better and the results will not be too salty.


  1. 10 free range chicken eggs
  2. 500 ml water
  3. 125 gr coarse salt


  1. Combine water and coarse salt (You can use regular salt too but based on my experience the eggs will be saltier) Stir until the salt dissolves
  2. Strain and pour the mixture to a jar
  3. Change Wash and dry the eggs and carefully drop them one by one to the jar Make sure all eggs are immersed in the water
  4. Close the lid firmly and store in a dark place for 21 days (I store my jar in a cabinet)
  5. You can hard boil the eggs or cook them sunny side up!