vhawks Bacon blue, w/ avo sandwich

amazing! can be adjusted for a more low -Cal if ya want


  1. 1 slice crispy romaine lettuce leaf
  2. 2 bacon strips (turkey bacon can be a good choice)
  3. 1 tbsp blue cheese crumbles
  4. 1 fresh avocado slices
  5. 2 slice sourdough bread
  6. 1 boca veggie patty ( you can use a real hamburger patty or turkey patty if desired or lunch meat)
  7. 1 dash fat free mayo


  1. cook Bacon in a hot skillet or oven till crispy strain on paper napkins
  2. cook Boca veggie Patty in the oven or in a hot skillet till a bit crispy flip when necessary
  3. toast sourdough slices in toaster till desired
  4. start creating your sandwich : Mayo on sourdough slices now layer Baconlettuce avocado blue cheese and Boca Patty eat warm and enjoy serve with a salad or sweet potato fries:)
  5. if you like you can add red onions amp jalapeno! !! yummy! !

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